Six Top Secret Funnel Strategies That Will Save Your Business (And Your Sanity)

Eric Vogel, Warren, MI

"Matt helped me get my business on track with one simple funnel, and it changed the trajectory of my entire soccer coaching career!"
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Resources, Strategies, And Training by Matthew King
On This USB Drive, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  •   The High Ticket Funnel -- You get the blueprints and the training for one of the highest paying funnels on the internet today.

  •  The Simple Webinar Funnel -- When you want a truly hands off approach and the time freedom you were meant to enjoy, this is the strategy you execute.   (comes with detailed training).

  •  High Ticket Continuity Blaster Funnel -- One of my favorites, and simplest to implement, and can be added to any funnels you are currently running with little effort.

  •  Product Launch Funnel -- Built for stability, building lists, building authority, and most of all...  getting the sale.   Comes with the blueprint plus the training.

  •  The six funnel strategies that will work for any coaching or consulting business, and which one you should choose to allow for the simplest scalability.

  •  Six Funnel Blueprints you can use to structure your business and make TONS of money…

  •  When to use each funnel, and the importance of their being in your overall strategy…

  •  Five lessons I wish I had known when I started 13 years ago. (and what they’ll do for you now)  -- In Podcast EP004.

  •  How much you should charge and not feel like an enormous jerk.

  •  A simple trick you can use to close clients on the phone in 2 easy steps…    (Find this in the Bonus High Ticket Training).

  •  My Funnel Launch Checklist -- So you don't go live with hiccups in your system (resulting in a really bad day, e.g. not getting the sales you should be getting because you forgot to take your funnel out of test mode before going live)...

  •   A whole lot more....
Funnel Expert:  Matthew King
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